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LOSENICKÝ - printing works, the first printing works in the Czech Republic having the right to use the title of Technology by Heidelberg

Printing Works

On April 20, 2007, the Losenický Printing Works was bestowed the title of "Heidelberg Partner" by the company of Heidelberg Praha spol. s r.o. (Heidelberg Prague, Ltd.).

To be quite precise, the whole title is: "The Heidelberg Partner in the Format Class of 50 x 70 cm". The company of Heidelberg Prague, Ltd. has so far awarded the title of "Heidelberg Partner" only once, namely in the format class of 70 x 100 cm. As for the medium format (50 x 70 cm), the Losenický Printing Works is, in general, the first company in the Czech Republic to win this title.

Moreover, the LOSENICKÝ Printing Works is historically the first printing house in the Czech Republic to be awarded the title and logotype of "Technology by Heidelberg".

Technology by Heidelberg is a trademark of the highest technological level of operation and cooperation with the company of Heidelberg.

This year, we have also been awarded the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Certificate.