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DTP Studio

DTP STUDIO - graphic designs, scans, computer-aided layout and certified digital printing


Our graphic studio provides all the graphic work including photography, graphic designs, text processing, imposition and sheet assembly, and  FOGRA certified digital colour proof verification.

We offer our clients the possibility of using our production services that guarantee control over the implementation of the project and include, for example, photographic, modelling and translation services.

Our technical equipment guarantees top-quality results and enables us to meet the requirements of the most sophisticated customers. We are trying to treat each customer individually, to consider their financial capabilities and to meet their technical and specific requirements.

There are several ways to communicate during the order processing stage : electronically, over the telephone,  by personal visits or by a visit from our employee to the customer's place of business.

The Prinect Printready modular production system for comprehensive preparation of pre-print data is based on the automatic processing of pre-print data and the JDF Format. It consists of JDP processors which carry out individual steps of the batch data processing (preflight, normalization, rendering for the output device, etc.). Full support of the latest data format versions (JDF, PDF). For interactive work with data, various desktop tools (such as trapping editing, creation of profiles for the PDF optimization, editing the image data transfer between colour spaces, etc.) are used.

Prinect Signastation - Sheet layout is a key operation of digital production. Signastation offers many functions in automated processing with the option of pre-defining data sheets depending on the format of the respective printing plate and bookbinding sheets independently on the printing sheet. The program processes data in standard formats (Postscript, PDF) and supports the PJTF and JDF formats. It also includes the Signastation Packaging system to make gatefolds and shaped labels. The program works with the data from the ArtiosCad program in the CFF2 format. The Presetting Option Module generates data in the CIP4/PPF format as the output for the POLAR cutting centres via P-Net CONNECT + COMPUCUT CIP 4.

The Prinect MetaDImension Screening Station represents another keystone of the Prinect conception. It processes data and sends it to the proof device. Its other functions include CTP and the preparation of parameters necessary for presetting the printing machine - generating CIP4-PPF. Prinect MetaDimension is a system RIP based on the JDF, PDF and Job Ticket formats. It includes an updated version of the CPSI Adobe Interpreter. A quite unique module is the Calibration Manager which enables operators to calibrate the Epson STYLUS PRO 7800 proofing device and to make in-process calibrations of printing machines. Part of the Calibration Manager is also the Calibration Toolbox Module which includes the Print Open and Quality Monitor. These tools enable us to create the input ICC profiles. PrintOpen measures real spectral values of controlling colour fields. The Quality Monitor checks and approves deviations using a comparative method, e.g. deviations between the proof and the print, deviations between the actual print and the standard print or actual print deviations. The output can also be in the form of a proof report - proof certification. Print check is made through the so-called MiniSpots that can be located in any place on the printing sheet. These MiniSpots enable operators to adjust the printing processes on line

DTP Technical Equipment


Apple Mac Pro
Apple G5

Apple iMac
PC OS 7, 8.1

Adobe Ilustrátor 
Adobe InDesing 
Adobe Photoshop 
QuarkXPress Passport 
Adobe Acrobat Profesional 

Cover Design:

Workflow Heidelberg Prinect Printredy

  1. Prinect Signastation with Packiging Option
  2. Color Management HD Profile Toolbox
  3. Epson Stylus Pro 7800 Certified Digital Proof
  4. In-process calibration of printing machines and feedback check of the print via the Quality Monitor, Axis Control and Axis Control Reporting
  5. Control of the printing machines through the Prinect Prepress Interface V3.2, CIP3, CIP4
  6. Control of the cutting centres through Compucut, CIP4
  7. Thermal exposition of the HEIDELBERG SUPRASETTER process-free plates.

The system is complemented by the Prinect Color Solution Module to control and check the colourfulness of printing. This module also includes the certified proof of the FOGRA colour scale.